Less (really) is more


Without a doubt less (really) is more.

Since our frugal month and combining our “new” minimalist lifestyle, we are gaining more from less. I have found that with more “free” time on my hands, I do things with real purpose and meaning. I have – shock to the system – started to read more. I have dyslexicia, which (for me) meant I struggled and not did not enjoy. Now though, with more time available, I am enjoying and searching out articles to read. Things I like. Things I love. I am interested.

I am consumsing less (physical stuff), far less than I ever thought I would, when I started on this journey. I am seeing things on TV about living mortgage free, with less and becoming excited by the challenge of it all. I am being even more selective with what I watch on television. Giving more time to the family, saving money, gardening, grow your own, cycling and saying “no” to invites.

Saying “no” is a hidden benefit that we should all do more often. Just try it and see – it works! It means you shall probably be less committed at the weekends (and work), but more focused on the few things you said “yes” to.


Uninstall. Disable. Delete.

Switch it off. I have not used Messenger on my smart phone for months, if not a couple of years. Even before I watched the minimalists documentary, I had uninstalled it. I had no need for it. I have missed stuff, not seen the latest worthless post, not updated my status about being on this planet. Fundamentally the habit of being permanently attached to my smart phone, tablet or laptop has ended. The twitch has been disabled. I survived.

It isn’t difficult to go through your phone and uninstall the apps you don’t use. If they are really worthwhile you’ll quickly realise and reinstall. For now though its simple, just uninstall, disable or delete them. Try it and see. 

Its the same methodology as unsubscribing from your emails. I found that it gave me back my time, my freedom, my life. Well some it anyway.


Space saver.

We have so much stuff. I just walked in the kitchen this morning to see a builders size bag of STUFF. It has only grown in size. No idea what is in it except what’s on top and visible. It’s been growing for weeks. Once it is gone that’s more space, more clarity and more time we’ve gained!

I have lost count of the number of donation bags we’ve produced. They’ve been full of worthless stuff. Worthless to us anyway. I think of them more like space savers. They remove the worthless stuff to make room for the worthwhile: space, clarity and freedom.

I got back this morning after nursery drop off. I took my shoes off and put them straight in the space on the shoe rack. Saved minutes rather than dumping them on the floor in mine or someone else’s way. Trying to push other shoes around to make space. Nope. I removed the worthless shoes to me, donated them, saved me time.

Do. Defer. Delegate. Dump.

Years ago, I would become very stressed, panicked and suffer from anxiety when at work. Looking back it was because of being overwhelmed, overworked, but most importantly disorganised from a time management perspective.

It wasn’t until I Googled “work stress help”, “project management tips” and so on did I solve this stressed lifestyle. A very simple project management / time management method saved me – and still does right now.

Do it now. Defer it. Delegate it. Dump it.

My work email inbox right now is empty. Zero. Nothing unread. Nothing read. Everything that has come into my inbox today, yesterday, last week, last month has been managed. All my emails have been managed into either a Do it now, Defer it, Delegate it or Dump it folder. This leaves me every day clear headed, stress free, not panicked and not suffering from anxiety.

It goes without saying that only the worthwhile emails survive. Unsubscribe.