Consumerist journey


I’m writing. Writing my thoughts, opinions and experiences as I continue my minimalist journey. Not everything I say will resonate with everyone who reads my words. Some may completely disagree, some may like, others might love and want to share.

I embarked on this journey back in 2016. It has felt slow to start, but the progress is certainly noticeable. The slow feeling of progress is due to the quantity of worthless stuff that I/we have. Every day is a school day and everyday we’re learning to release the grasp on stuff, that essentially has not been touched for days, weeks, months, years. The worst place is the loft. I moved to a new house over two years ago and transferred one lofts stuff to another, then didn’t touch it. These boxes have now been touched, but only to go in the recycling or donation boxes.

Think of the space that you can create by donating, recycling and/or consuming with purpose. That bigger house, storage unit or extension you’re planning on paying for won’t be needed. In turn you won’t be spending additional money. That money can then go on debt or better still savings and experiences. That’s what we’re doing. Clearing debt, saving and having some of the best family experiences going.

I wonder if our minimalist journey is actually a consumerist journey?


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