A new feeling


Ever had that feeling of contentment? Where you’re essentially happy? Or getting happier? Where you’re no longer worried or stressed by what the unexpected shall bring you?

This week is pretty much exactly that for us. It’s another turning point in our minimalist journey. Instead of pushing to get that worthless “thing” or want what they’ve got. We’re now more content with what we do have. What we do need. Most likely what they’ve got, they don’t need or actually can’t afford or are still paying for; emotionally and financially. Are we not jealous? I, personally, don’t think we are.

Through the slight readjustment in mind set, as to how we consum, our lifestyle is improving. We are happier. Content happier.

Is this down to our more minimalist approach on life? Is it due to moving away from debt prison? Saving more. Spending less. Bringing less material possessions into our home. It all adds up and adds up to less. 

Less stuff, less clutter, less debt, less worry, less stress, less panic, less worthlessness; the list is endless. Thanks to all this reduction, we’re getting happier and more content.


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