Gone shopping

What an experience that was! Since watching, reading, living a more meaningful, purposeful and worthwhile minimalist lifestyle I have not been “shopping” at all in 2017. Today, I went “shopping”. However this wasn’t for me, it was for the boy as he needed, needed new shoes as his old ones had holes; where there shouldn’t be holes. We successfully found him some new shoes. He walked out of the shop after we paid, with a big smile on his face. So did I. 

In fact I walked around the entire trip with a growing smile. I realised that I was in no way tempted. Not one bit. If anything it became a comforting reality that my mind set had altered. I’m not saying I’m never buying anything ever again, purely that I won’t be giving in to needless consumption. I had not noticed this about my mindset this year. After all my “normal” shopping experience is the weekly food shop. Shopping never was a past time and certainly will never become one.

This change, coupled with removing temptation like unsubscribing and not watching as much commercial TV is helping massively. It leads back to the ultimate combo: minimalism and frugality. It’s changing my future self and changed my past (debt prison).

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