It grows and grows


The frost that hit this week appears to have damaged more plants than vegetables at the moment.  Fortunately the onions, garlic and shallots appear strong. The younger seedlings were all green house contained so they’ve had good protection.

I have been putting off buying grow bags, but early this morning I took the plunge. I had withdrawn only £50 for this month’s “spendin” or miscellaneous purchases. £20 cash was handed over to the dreaded cashier. However, with the 6 grow bags I now have I can grow up to three plants in each. That gives me 18 potential successful plants. With a combination of cherry tomatoes, normal tomatoes, aubergines, watermelons (test vegetable this year), courgettes and peppers. They’re just the grow bag candidates there are potatoes, beetroot and carrots in too.

Although I have spent money on essentially earth, the wealth of return is unrivalled. It’s educational for the boy. It teaches him to care and nuture. It gives us super fresh vegetables. It eventually saves money from all the extra which are frozen or made into something else to freeze for example tomato soup. It gives daily exercise tending to each plant. Growing your own is brilliant and I highly recommend it.

Once the season gets fully underway, you spend more time gardening and caring, which costs nothing, but time. It takes up so much time, that before you know it, its bedtime.

Must not forget to sow the pumpkin seeds this weekend!

As the boy says; if you give love, it grows and grows.

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