My Frugal Month: minimalism has taken a back seat


It feels like my minimalist lifestyle has taken a back seat for trying to be frugal. It totally has not. If anything the principles of a minimalist lifeatyle I use daily and the intensity of them, is making my frugal month thrive. Well thrive for us. It may not be: the top 25 tips on frugal living, or how to be frugal in 10 easy steps or 101 things you didn’t know about being frugal, but the minimalist approach to being frugal is perfect for us. The accidental relationship of minimalism and frugalism are a perfect match. Their qualities and the methodologies only enhance each other.

Less consumption. Cycling to work once a week (48miles). Using one car for four days a week only to commute and nursery drop off. Making use of more local experiences i.e country walks – they are free. When you read “FOOTPATH” on an old wooden sign; it means free path, free fun and free exercise. Plus you’re getting Vitamin D – nice.

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