My Frugal Month: Week 3

What a difference a week makes. The end of week two saw another positive end, however the first day of week 3 was a fail. Not forgetting, the aim of our Frugal Month is to live off one salary. It is not to become a recluse. So if we do spend on miscellaneous items it can only be from the envelopes. That’s exactly what happened on week 3. 

It is strange because it feels wrong, like cheating or being unfaithful. It is not at all. However, reaching the end of the week once again there was no high five, but definitely reflection. When was the money spent? Why was the money spent? Immediately, I can say it was used as investment to try and kill a disease on our 50+ year old apple tree. Living off the land is cheaper than buying.

I have certainly learnt some intetesting lessons this week too. One of which being: we never seem to spend during the week. Our weakness is the weekend. Finding this out certainly helps us in the long run. Three weeks in of living Frugal, I can definitely see the positives and benefits. Hopefully this preparation will aid us as a family when/if we have a second child – no news 

This is our Frugal Month…

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