My Frugal Month: Day 15 – 17

Ouch. All that remains in the white envelope following the Easter weekend are a few coins and a receipt. Week 3 has been a fail. The long weekend created a platform for weakness and we essentially threw ourselves at it. 

We’ve broken the envelope silence. It is not great, but all needed outgoings are catered for. Savings have been made. And this is still part of living off one salary. 

This is a good learning curve and experience. Just because we’re on one salary does not mean life stops, experiences stop and we become like hermit crabs. It means being more intentional with the decisions made. Looking towards more worthwhile actions.

That said the feeling of guilt and negativity is, quite nice. It feels like a new frugal chapter has been started. Another revamp of the mindset. More dread and side effects have kicked in over an envelope of cash, than a credit would have ever given. Using cash is key. Cash is real. Knowing where every penny goes is vital to succeeding. An envelope of cash has a life span.

This is my frugal month…

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