My Frugal Month: Day 13

(Better late than never?) Unlucky for some. Not bothered by others. For me that’s one day off another successful week without using cash from the envelope! Winning. The question is: Save week 1 and week 2 cash now or reinvest towards week 3 and 4? I’m tempted to save.

That makes me question whether My Frugal Month is actually My Saving Month? I question this as our budget has captured everything including savings. The envelope cash is leftover or miscellaneous money. Maybe it should be My Budget Month, but we budget/plan everymonth anyway. 

Remembering why is important though. Can we live off one salary? These first two weeks; yes. Perhaps it moves into next month then. This frugal, simplified, minimalist way of life will only benefit us long term. For those seconds of “oh I wish I had…(fill blank)” will bring just that, seconds of dreamlike enjoyment. Longer term it’ll definitely be negativity. That’s relating to stuff predominately don’t forget.

This is my frugal month…

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