A Frugal Struggle 

If I had dived straight into being frugal from cold I would have failed. It would have been like starting half way up a hill, in the stiffest gear, trying to get clipped in and with the imminent kicker towards the summit. Almost impossible.

Eventually I would have found myself back at the bottom where I could prepare myself. Get a plan together. Find out how to do it and why getting to the top was such a great achievement. Most probably the view. As cyclist a I love hills. Why? Simple it’s the reward at the top, the view.

Without the knowledge or plan of how and why to conquer it, it’s practically always an up hill (frugal) struggle. Flip this on its head.

Do some rrsearch. Do some reading. Find some blogs. Get guidance. Watch some documentaries. How have others done it. Why have others done. Practice what they preach.

Why? Because the outcome is delightful even with the burning sensation in your legs (for the hill). The thought that your missing out is that. The reality is a more fulfilling, worthwhile, richer (life and money) and meaningful life.

Valuable links:

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps



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