My Frugal Month: Day 11


Before anything else, life, in particular family comes first. No matter how much or how little you have; family comes first. For us that’s our little child. We’re now into the beginnings of day 5 of illness and currently there does look like there is an end in sight. It is just emphasising one thing. There is no amount of stuff that’ll make them better again. Simply water is all they ask for. We’re lucky enough to be able to give that. Some are not so lucky. For that we are most certainly blessed.

So, Day 10 has no major update; we have now opened a joint emergency fund. This, on the debt, money and general finances front is huge. The frugal and minimalist lifestyle over the last week mixed in with the other halves lent (gave up buying stuff) is proving to be a powerful mix. She is almost 100% sold on the one family income. We’ve not finished the month out yet. We’ve not had (touch wood we won’t) an emergency. The practice of living a frugal month and giving more thought into everything is paying off. With time this will benefit us no end and in turn give our future the best chance.

The aim is to have the joint emergency fund up to £1000 in 4 months or less. That’s August 2017. More importantly this is the beginning of the Joint Fully Funded Emergency Fund and beyond.

Between us we’ve read, The Minimalist – Everything that remains, listened to all three audio books, Clutterfree with Kids, Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Make Over, read countless blogs and articles. Practiced lent every year for as long as I can remember. Began to change our every day habits. I for example am sat here typing with a fitbit wrist band that is held together with tape. I just will not buy the new strap until I absolutely have to. It still works and it is only a strap.

2017 has marked a huge change in our perception. I think as each day progresses. Each new event that happens, it becomes apparent that our way of life will be better for making these changes. Living a more meaningful life, with more worthwhile items, but removing everything that remains which is simply stuff. As I look up from the laptop screen I see and 75% empty unit. A corner in the room where a book shelf once stood.

It is happening. We are moving forward. We are embracing the minimalist lifestyle head on. Still those white envelopes are untouched.

Keep one place clear.  Permanently clear stuff. Declutter day and night. Small piles of stuff that form; remove them – Dr’s – Donate Recycle Sell. Where is this place? It is your car. A clear car is a peaceful, calm and stress free place. From there take on the porch, shed or garage. Non of the above: take on your smallest known cupboard.

This is my frugal month…

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