It’s just stuff

Stood beside three pasting tables, a clothing rail, a rug on the floor and countless boxes of our stuff. Just endless stuff.

I had a moment that I was not expecting. I found myself just saying on repeat: “It’s just stuff. It’s just stuff.” Over and over in my head. It was not me saying it to force getting rid of it, it was that moment of completely letting go. It’s crazy, I was like: I don’t care now,  just get rid of it. It had sat in the garage for a minimum of four months so it does not mean anything to me. It was physically and mentally cluttering my life. Freedom! 

People surprised me lots. They weren’t buying the stuff I’d once given huge value to. They were buying worthless stuff.  My worthwhile stuff was not even being looked at. Maybe moved to one side, but never considered. Out of the 49 DVDs, 3 sold.

We did not clear it all, but maybe 80-100 items cleared. There were probably 500-700 items (estimate) in total. These have have now either been dumped recycled, donated  (to three different charities) or given to our local Scouts. I have found the occasion triumphant to fueling my minimalist journey. I think this is it. This is my turning point. This is my true start.

This is the end to My Frugal Month: Day 10 too. Still have the cash. Still have not spent beyond everything that’s budgeted.

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