My Frugal Month: Day 9

Back to a weekend, with the white envelope and cash – week 2. Currently sat in our garden, which we are truly blessed to have. As I look around there are mass of tulips covering almost all the colours of the rainbow. The Acer I was given for my birthday last year is thriving – a lush lemon green colour. The daffodils are on their to seed journey. The magnolia is losing its bloom with each wind that whistles pass. The Green house is basically an oven. The vegetable patch is taking hold. I’ve got too many carrot seedlings to know what to do with. The spring time onions, shallots and garlic, which are loving their life and rewarding ours. It’s a blue, clear, sunny day and we’re truly blessed to have such a life. 

There is no need for all the extra stuff in our lives. Just the minimum is fine. It’s definitely time to enjoy life and stop getting caught up in stuff, buying stuff, more clothes, unnecessary sale items, the next new thing. Not needed. Enjoy what you have. It’s more than most. We’re lucky. Live life. Experience life. Minimise.

This is my frugal month…

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