My frugal month: Day 8 – planning


Planning ahead is a big help. Getting organised and scheduling lots of worthwhile things to do. It all helps to get through each day and avoid boredom. Avoid getting bored as you shall only end up on the Internet pointlessly browsing, buying worthless stuff or going to town and raking through sale items. You don’t need them.

Lots to do doesn’t sound very minimalist at all, but it depends what that lots actually is. It’s not time on social media endlessly scrolling, or reading marketing emails, or watching junk TV shows with ad breaks. I mean lots of worthwhile things like: grow your vegetables – get the children involed, DIY, reading books, doing your budget, washing the car (at home), cleaning your windows, cutting the grass, ironing, selling your not needed stuff online or at a car boot. Take a look at your book shelf and minimise. Plan a free countryside walk at the weekend. Go on a bike ride (my favourite). Weed your garden – that’s very stress relieving too. It’s good for the soul.

Lots does not mean a hundred to do items in a day. By lots I mean stop and take a look around. Listen. Take it all in. You could spend a whole day in the garden doing lots, but yet you’ve focused on one thing. Perhaps that sitting in a chair and reading a book.

Find quality time for you, your family and your friends. My tip at this point is block out at least one weekend a month which is for you and you only. Be selfish and be self centred. We’ve book the whole bank holiday May for the three of us. Just us. The answer is no.

This is my frugal month…

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