My Frugal Month: Week 1


There was a massive high-five, whilst the shopping list was being written tonight. We totally made it!

The end of My Frugal Month: Week 1 is done. £30 put in an envelope seven days ago and still there is £30. It has been a mixed week, but the end result is successful. Nothing spent from the envelope for this week. One day at a time. Seven in total. Zero spent. It proves that it is possible.

We have taken the decision to split the £30 between the remaining three envelopes. So we now have £40, £30 and £40 in our envelopes. Although, My Frugal Month is not like other methods, ours is specific about living off one salary. Can we do it for a month? If we can then how much can we save? The end goal is all about the potential second child – no news – and how we can survive on one wage. It is doable. One week down and it is a great boost to morale.

You think that it is not possible, because you have lived everyday up to this point; off two wages. At the same time living with and for worthless stuff, clutter, endless consumption, debt and mindless thoughtless existence. Now; everything is thought through. Every gear change, litre of fuel that goes in the car, every slice of bread, every ale – gave alcohol up for lent too – every chocolate bar, every t-shirt and every-single-thing that you consume, you question: is this worthwhile?

My Frugal Month: week 1, has, definitely been made easier to succeed by asking this question everytime: is this worthwhile? Even when I have been at worked. I’ve questioned; is this worthwhile? is it adding value? I am quickly coming to realise that the combination of ‘the minimalists’ and ‘Dave Ramseys’ principles and teachings could easily be the perfect two. We’ve been living a more meaningful life the last few months, but this new-found frugality added to our minimalists journey is tremendous. Live on less than you make. Simple. Isn’t it?

One day we’ll reach a point of the debt free scream (clear the mortgage) – I did a mini one when I made my last ever Student Loan payment – and a more “polished” minimalists lifestyle.

This is my frugal month…


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