My Frugal Month: Day 5 – tempting 


As always I have been for my lunchtime walk. It clears the head. Freshens you up for the second half. Gets you moving. However, I have the burning desire to buy a chocolate bar! Defeats the object of going for a walk. More importantly it will upset the Frugal Months positive direction.

How do you conquer temptation? This is day 5; I’m at work. Am I bored? Is boredom why I, we spend or consum worthless stuff?

Thankfully on my return to work for the second half I blinked and the afternoon vanished! Plus I never purchased the chocolate bar. That’s the first real temptation I have had defeated!

Different story when I got home, hence the late update to Day 5. Had to take our child to an out of hours Dr. Following a weekend of high temperatures and being poorly; after his injections. We found a rash this morning that appeared to have grown by the time bedtime arrived.

Left the house tonight with no plastic because of leaving in a rush. Just the week 1 envelope. Anyway, all is fine with our child and we’re good to crack on with the rest of this week. What was also awesome from our frugal perspective, was the parking cost nothing. Dr was happy and just explained should be be concerned then do take them to their Dr.
This is my frugal month…

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