My frugal month: going the distance

My English has never been great, but I think this journal is going to aid my determination, focus and success. 

We’re already noticing how much quicker it is to tidy and clean, since embarking on our minimalist lifestyle. Living a more meaningful existence. Consuming less. Well not mini eggs! Love Cadbury mini eggs. Plus the more I’m writing the less TV I’m consuming. The less Facebook I’m scrolling through blindly. Not missing out on everyone’s perfect instagram photos (that perfect photo will come from 50+ rubbish shots). Plus without you realising it, that advert is following you on the World Wide Web. Before long it’ll be following us into our lounge or bedroom on the TV too! Don’t give in. Be strong. Consum less. Be frugal. Have money freedom. Do more experiences. Get out of debt. Become cash rich and asset (minimised) less.

I will stay committed to living a more meaningful lifestyle. I will commit to clearing the wife’s remaining SL. I will commit to saving even more once I’ve moved on, in my minimalist journey. 

This is my frugal month…

2 thoughts on “My frugal month: going the distance

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