My Frugal Month: Day 4


What a morning! Broken sleep throughout the night with the child’s temperature still being quite high, but more so the splinter that we wouldn’t let mummy or daddy remove. Bless him. However, the riding out of the village up the hill to see a glorious sun rise through the low lying mist was just sublime.
So that’s a 24 mile bike commute done this morning. No stress. No traffic jams. Not late to the office. A great start to the working week, which is always a win. To add to this wonderful start to the week – that journey did not cost a penny. Well apart from when I purchased all the bike bits and bobs many months, years ago.

My Frugal Month is just like the hill you have to cycle up. From cold it is tough, but once you’ve got the cadance and the rythym its easy. My dad always taught me that it’s about preparation at the bottom of the hill not when your on it and struggling. Shame I didn’t apply this to my finances.

The ride home (another 24 miles on the legs) was great, but a bit chilly. If I can do this two days a week in the summer months, drive twice and train once during we could sell the second car.

Another day nearly over and still no use of the week one envelope. The wife even took the week 1 envelope to town and came home without opening it. Great feeling. Frugal living or should I really be saying living below our means is proving to be possible. Long may this continue.

This is my frugal month…

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