My frugal month: Day 3


Technically the day started early with a poorly child wake up in the early hours. Nothing too taxing first thing, other than walking around the garden in the morning dew. A beautiful spring morning before Church. Once we’d had the service and arrived home it was almost play date time. We donated £3 to Church collection. Not much I know but every little helps – on both sides.

So that’s our first “expense” although the cash was located with Jean pockets and a purse. The envelopes weren’t opened to donate the £3.

Play date we took home made cupcakes. Nothing additional purchased and the cakes went down a storm! One left from a dozen when we got home. That was a four plus hour free day of fun with the children.

Once home it was back outside. This time for a quick burn on the bike to warm the legs up for tomorrow’s new habit – 24miles to work on two wheels. Yes that’s 48miles both ways. It’s awesome until the hilly 30minute section for the last half hour coming home.

After coming in from my quick ride I hit that garden once again. This time I cut all three lawns – front, side and back – great stripes for a Sunday finisher too.

Once again another day down and the week 1 envelope is still untouched. That was essentially a free weekend making use of everything we already own. Why buy more when you can be thankful for what you have.

I think the weekdays might harder to achieve zero spending, however I’m determined to nail this. I want that £100 cash at the end of April!

This is my frugal month…

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