My frugal month: Day 2


The second full day nearly over and the envelopes are still untouched. We had a mixed day of sunshine and showers. It can only be April showers.

A great second day considering it is a weekend day too. Start the day off with a movie on Netflix. This is a budget item, which is mostly paid for via the £5 credit I obtain each month from my current account. As I don’t go into my overdraft I get given credit. Netflix therefore costs £2.49. We don’t go to the cinema anyway – so Netflix is our cinema. We watched ‘Bee Movie’.

Then we had an earlier than planned sleep for our child. As planned, I hit the garden. The worst thing about frugal times have got to be the loose ends. Don’t leave yourself open to “downtime” the moment you stop you’ll find yourself tempted into spending. So instead, garden. I started with the strawberry runners I planted out from last years purchase (£5.99 for 6 plants). I now – thanks to the runners – have a total of 19 successful strawberry plants. That’s basically 31p per plant. Not to mention the fruit they’ll give us. They essentially grow like weeds, but good weeds.

Gardening is a win for both adults and children. You get to keep on top of it, get some exercise and the children get to join in. They learn, get muddy, dig, play and help. Children love to help! Once the strawberries were repotted. We moved onto the carrots and beetroot. These were placed outside to climatise. Sadly the carrots weren’t planted out today – another day perhaps. However, 55 beetroots were and I cannot wait to see them grow. Once again that’s more food. Not to mention the cherry tomatoes, money maker tomatoes, courgettes, onions, red onions, shallots and garlic that are already growing. They all need time, but time that costs nothing. Perfect for the frugal months.

How did we afford all these vegetables? seeds? plug plants? Simple. They were factored into the weekly food shop. We are very fortunate to have a garden now, where we can grow food. We spent 10+ years in a flat and we couldn’t then.

Once I’d tended to all the vegetable based jobs, I moved onto a few general garden basics. Like deflowering the camellia, well those that had reached the end of their life. Repotted a fuchsia plant ready to plant out later in the year.

Whilst I was still out in the garden the wife spent some time baking. Instead of buying wine, flowers or a cake for tomorrow; we decided to bake. So she and our child made lots of cup cakes and decorated. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner (homemade meat balls) and then bath time. Time to tidy up from the days frugal fun, whilst the wife continues to make curtains for our dinning room.

Tomorrow; Church, a play date and meal – hence the cup cakes – and hopefully a bike ride for me to keep the legs warm. I now try to ride to and from work Mondays to lower weekly fuel costs.

This is my frugal month…

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