This is my frugal month

I have been listening and watching a lot of Dave Ramsey (for years) and following theminimalist podcasts. So we’re on baby step 2 with just the better half’s student loan (SL) to repay. It’s not too large but it’s debt. Personally I’m on baby step 3 but I am putting that on hold to clear the SL.

From stumbling upon the minimalists documentary many months ago, it makes saving money, clearing debt and becoming cash rich all the more real. Stem the bleeding. Living a more meaningful life through a more considered consumption, we’ll be able to reach this goal with ease; of course there’ll be issues.

This month (April) is our first Frugal Month. One salary. Living way below our means all in the direction of becoming debt free. To date I have cancelled one social activity. This is a great start just hours into Day 1.

This is my frugal month…


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