Saving withdrawal symptoms

Making preparations this month for living off one salary next month. Due to the adjustments I have been making in preparation, it feels like I have saving withdrawal. I have saved a bit, but not the 15-20% level I had wanted this month. 

In preparation for having another child (no big news yet) we’re looking to see what our month would be like on one salary. With the other salary not used, that’ll be saved for the maternity leave. Hopefully giving a more comfortable time with the next child.

Living a more minimalist lifestyle and not consuming worthless stuff. Living off one salary should be achievable. We’re not high earners, we make do. We have seen an improvement in our spending and reduction of worthless stuff coming into our home sInce January. 

If we manage next month on one salary, we’ll try the following month and so on. Essentially practicing this way of life whilst we’re lucky enough to have two incomes. With the cushion, if things were to go bad, we can right ourselves and become balanced again. 

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