Old trainers

I realised today, after buying some new trainers that this is the first pair I’ve purchased in years. I’m talking 5, 6 maybe 7 years. The last pair were freebies through my wife’s work. This means the new ones on my feet (now) and the ones where the soles came off over two weeks ago were £16 each. That, right there is an awesome saving.

I have just consumed, but the shoe box was instantly recycled rather than the standard “I’ll keep the box to put (worthless) stuff in”. The old soleless trainers have gone in the rag donation bag ready for the recycling centre. And the new trainers do add worthwhile meaning to me as u walk about six and a half miles each weekday when at work. Healthy body, healthy mind. Plus it means I’m less stressed before, during and after work. Clear mind.

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