Anyone else got minimising fatigue?

Nearly four months since watching the documentary: ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things’ and there is an element of minimising fatigue kicking in. It’s not fatigue towards the minimalist lifestyle journey I am on, but the decluttering of worthless stuff. I do look at each item and question: is this worthwhile? This helps the decluttering process, but my garage is full of boxes for a carboot sale. I’ve donated numerous things and recycled lots; mainly clothes. 

Looking around the house I get a feeling of clutter again rather than space or clarity. I either need to step back and relax for a bit or hit a part of the house hard. Maybe the book shelf or study again? Perhaps there are some quick wins there? It might be the digital storing of DVDs that are creating this feeling?

When I first started there were lots and lots of quick wins. Now the pace has slowed and I desire to find more wins. I think the slow-down is due to the DVDs: 1-2 an evening. 

I get a kick out of minimising. Living a more worthwhile minimalist lifestyle is the goal. Just need to refocus.

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