A free weekend

Some things we did for our free weekend:

  • bike ride (me)
  • a run (not me)
  • reinstatement of my old toys
  • decluttering
  • gardening
  • minimising some more
  • DIY
  • walk in the park
  • church
  • more garden time
  • curtain making 
  • cleaning the green house

I didn’t spend a penny. The wife has given up buying stuff for Lent (I’ve selected alcohol). The thoughtless spending doesn’t happen. I am not a drunk Sunday evening online buyer either. I tend to make cake instead. Cake = Cycle or gardeners fuel.

Another great part of trying to live a “more meaningful life with less” is that the time you spend decluttering, minimising, evalutaing, creating experiences and using what you already have is, you don’t spend money. It feels great. So this new journey towards a minimalist lifestyle will hopefully continue my debt free me (almost 29 months) in yet another positive direction. I’ve digitally stored six DVDs now.

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