Worthwhile old toys

This morning, as promised I have donated more of my old toys to my child. The feeling that you get from donating your childhood toys to your son or daughter. Euphoric. The bonus is, it costs nothing. It has cleared more space in the loft/attic space. We’re not consuming more or adding new things to our home. Toys that gave me years of fun are beginning that same path with my child. Plus as it is LEGO. I am a huge fan! It lasts forever. I’ve still got a 1989 pirate ship. One day this will come down from the loft. Soon I hope!

How does this help my minimalist journey? It’s totally worthwhile. It’s adding value  again and not just to my child. The feeling I get from seeing in their eyes, the excitement and the joy; unrivalled. Plus I am saving money which helps the future (me).

They’re currently playing happily and role playing with all the varied LEGO characters; old and new.

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