Boxes are great for storage. Storage of stuff and that’s exactly what we’re trying to remove from our life. The problem is every planned car boot sale has been rained off. We’ve now got what can only be described as a brick wall of boxes in the garage. The boxes however are pack and stack neatly. This in turn will give a quick fill of the car and a quick unpack at the car boot sale. [TopTip] Put your pasting table in the car last.

Quick wins I had for filling the boxes with donations or to sell items were loft/attic boxes. We moved two and a bit years ago and put stuff straight in the loft/attic. From one to the other. So I know some things have not been touch for 24 months. They are simple donations, to sell items, recycle bits or bin them things. Wrong! LEGO. Hornby railway. All usable. Good as new. Reused, reloved and reinvented. (RRR)

Once those Reused Reloved Reinvented items were put to one side, within 2 to 3 hours I had sorted 7 boxes. 5 of which became empty. A good thing those boxes now hold the car boot items. Anyway those that don’t sell will become charitable donations. Just because they aren’t worthwhile to me they can be to someone else.

When minimising in the loft, avoid sentimental boxes like ‘my x’ box. Hitting sentimental items first on this journey is a bad idea. Go for easy quick wins, like your sock draw. Who has a sock draw?!

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