Offer help and standby to help, rather than standby and watch.

I’ve been on the other end of stress, panick and anxiety at work and at home. I have taken hours to get to sleep with an over active mind. I have woken up in an abrupt sweaty state due to being completely overwhelmed by stress from work, stress from money. Don’t standby and watch; help.

I have picked my smart phone up instantly after waking up; to start checking emails, money, emails, money. Now I don’t with the same degree of stress or panick. It’s been almost three years now since I stood up to debt, consumerism, self pride. That’s 25 months that I have now not used my overdraft. I have had to use my emergency fund, which currently sits just below 1,000. No credit cards! This minimalists journey is definitely the next best step for me in a more worthwhile life.

I tend to pick up my phone to see where I am going rather than put a light on and disturb the rest of the family. Fortunately en-route to this point in my life, my family did standby and help.


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