I’m not new to keeping a blog. I am new to keeping this blog. And every post I have written to date; I have rewritten. Saved. Edited. Published. Revisited. Edited. Updated. Don’t be afriad to revisit and reread. This includes minimalmishmash’s Theme.

I use the same principle with my journey to a minimalist way of life. I have minimised my book shelf twice in two months. I picked things up, which I am just not ready to let go of yet. My late grandad’s jumpers – words can’t describe how worthwhile they are to me. I am, as the minimalists say, letting go, but I am letting go at my speed and in my way. This is not an over night fix. This is a way of life. Just Google ‘minimalism’ to see. There are so many taking this journey and keeping blogs as they go.

I will be revisiting the clothes draws this weekend too. I know there are more items that can be minimised once I have revisited. I could easily tell you of 20+ items that have not been used. They will be recycled though, not just dumped. These can be worthwhile to someone else.

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