Do. Defer. Delegate. Dump.

Years ago, I would become very stressed, panicked and suffer from anxiety when at work. Looking back it was because of being overwhelmed, overworked, but most importantly disorganised from a time management perspective.

It wasn’t until I Googled “work stress help”, “project management tips” and so on did I solve this stressed lifestyle. A very simple project management / time management method saved me – and still does right now.

Do it now. Defer it. Delegate it. Dump it.

My work email inbox right now is empty. Zero. Nothing unread. Nothing read. Everything that has come into my inbox today, yesterday, last week, last month has been managed. All my emails have been managed into either a Do it now, Defer it, Delegate it or Dump it folder. This leaves me every day clear headed, stress free, not panicked and not suffering from anxiety.

It goes without saying that only the worthwhile emails survive. Unsubscribe.

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